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    written by: Lisa Weglarz
    Category: Forgiveness

    Ah to be forgiven
    Of how I hurt the ones I love
    Oh, but what a silly whim
    The past rules what we do in our hearts

    Forgive, what a lying word
    It deceives our minds
    Into thinking that it can change the world
    But really, it isn't very kind.

    Before one is forgiven
    There is the trial
    Where one is put on the stand with hatred filling the room
    And everything that is said is stored in a secret file.

    Next is the loneliness
    Where people who were once your friends
    Turn their backs on you
    And you begin to see there might be no end.

    Then the thoughts of death comes upon one
    Where you feel terribly hopeless
    And then you think, "I guess I did deserve this."
    But you have to wonder, "Is it worth this torture?"

    Maybe after an hour, day, or year
    Those you once thought of as being close
    Begin to reappear
    But of course, things can never be the same.

    And finally
    The one who you did wrong shows there face to you
    And you see how you have crippled their faith
    But then you see
    Forgiveness never lasts

    Are you ready?

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